Sunday, November 13, 2022

Garden to Table: Room 2 and Room 4 & 6 'taster' sessions

 As term 4 continues we have found ourselves in the lucky position to offer our Year 4 classes each 2 'taster' sessions of Garden to Table prior to them becoming involved in the programme in 2023 when they are in Year 5.  

We had much excitement building up to the sessions about what they would be doing and making in the kitchen. We have lots of produce so it gave us lots of choices! 

In the kitchen we have made: 

Week 3- Imagination salad, which looked amazing! Herby bread chips - a big hit which turned out really well in the air fryer and kawakawa biscuits.

Week 4 - Risotto - also a huge hit (see photos for the recipe), kale chips - which are incredibly easy and were also very popular and rhubarb and apple slice bars (click HERE for recipe). We pre baked the slice for the following group and group 2 made it for the garden working bee which is on the Saturday.  

We have also been giving the students some weekly challenges; 

1) Name 5 produce in the garden that starts with S.

2) How many 'Garden to Table' verbs can you think of that start with S? See below for how Room 2 and 6 got on! 

In the garden we have been busy composting, weeding and prepping for our working bee. 


Friday, October 28, 2022

Garden to Table - Room 2 and Room 7 taster session.

 Term 4 has begun and spring has arrived in the garden! 

The Room 2 students were super keen to get back to the gardening and cooking. 

This term we are able to offer the Year 4 classes two 'taster' sessions. 

Room 7 were extremely excited to have their turn!

In the garden we have been busy planting, weeding, mulching and watering. We have a lot of greens growing in the garden. I challenged the students to find FOUR produce items growing in the garden starting with the letter S. Can you guess what they are? 

In the kitchen so far we have cooked: tabbouleh, broccoli flat bread and beetroot brownies. This week we made greens and cheese fritters, leek and potato soup and lemon and white chocolate muffins.  Click on the item for the recipe. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Farewell with Fruit Trees

 Tree Plantations.

On Wednesday, 14th of September we did some “tree plantations” led by our principal Mrs Callister. This is because Mrs Callister wanted to gift the school some trees since she is leaving at the end of September (AKA 30th) after being with the school for 11 years. 

She thought it would be helpful to give us some trees so we could pick the fruit from it when we did Garden to Table. At around 2:30 PM, the whole school lined up north-west of the Garden to Table area, somewhere on the hill.

Mrs Callister began her speech: 

“As you may know, I will be leaving on 30th of September  (2022), and I have 5 trees. I have these very helpful assistants that will help me to plant them.” So they worked really hard to plant the trees. I saw some students stamping dirt and watering them. 

The trees planted were: 2 pear and 3 different plum trees.

In the future we hope that the trees end up producing fruit so that we could harvest from these for many, many years to come. 

By Simon Zhou Room 4

Garden to Table: Room 2 and Room 4 & 6 'taster' sessions

 As term 4 continues we have found ourselves in the lucky position to offer our Year 4 classes each 2 'taster' sessions of Garden to...